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What Color is your dog?

Don't Be Shy ...

According to celebrity trainer Joel Silverman, some dogs naturally have Blue, shy personalities while others become Blue-Spectrum Dogs due to the training they've received. Find out if you have a Blue-Spectrum Dog and if so how to best work, live and love your Blue-Spectrum Dog here!

Is Pet Insurance right for you?

Is Pet Insurance Right for You?

Our dogs are like family - we want the very best for them, whether it's nutrition, grooming, boarding or health care. While we do our best to keep our pets safe and healthy, our best friends are still prone to accidents and illnesses. Learn more about insurance for your pets here.

Are You Smarter Than a Border Collie?

Are You Smarter Than a Border Collie?

By now, most dog lovers know that the Border Collie is ranked as the smartest breed among breeds. But how smart are you when it comes to your Best Friends' health, happiness and nutrition? Consider yourself challenged. Take our Well Being & Happiness Quiz and test your wits!

What color is your dog?

Is Your Dog ... Yellow?

In our 3rd installment of Joel Silverman's dog training book, "What Color is Your Dog?" we focus on the yellow personality. While some dogs naturally have Yellow personalities, others become Yellow due to the training they’ve received — and even due to the trainer they've worked with. Learn if your dog is yellow.

Dog isn't eating

My Puppy Isn't Eating

Should I be worried? We're sharing the top causes of feeding concerns - and solutions - with you to ensure a happy and healthy mealtime.

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